How Much For A Fiberglass Pool

Introducing the Ever Lasting Fiberglass Option:
Are you wondering “how much for a fiberglass pool?” Look no further, because the ever-lasting and low-maintenance option of installing a fiberglass pool in your backyard is here!
A fiberglass pool offers plenty of benefits, from time saved on installation to being easier to maintain.
Unlike traditional pools which can take weeks to install due to concrete molds taking days or even weeks to dry and set correctly, it takes only a few days with a professional contractor to have your fiberglass pool installed.
Moreover, when it comes to maintenance, one does not need the same constant monitoring as with other types of pools – such as adjusting pH levels or manually removing debris – saving you time and money in the long run.
From ease of installation and less required maintenance compared to other types of pools, fiberglass offers recognizable savings on both immediate construction costs and long-term upkeep expenses.
So how much does a fiberglass pool cost? Well that depends entirely on size and custom features desired. But rest assured it will be an investment that lasts longer than any other type of pool–making this an ultimate addition perfect for sprucing up your outdoor space!How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?
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Enhancing your backyard with a quality fiberglass pool is an investment in your family’s future. The initial cost of installing and filling your pool will vary depending on size, features, and other factors.

On average, installing a basic fiberglass pool costs between $45,000–$85,000.* But this doesn’t include other important expenses such as fencing ($2,500-$10,000), landscape finish ($3–13 per sq ft) or the price of filling it up for the first time (approximately $1 – 4 per gallon).

For those willing to invest more in their backyard paradise, you can select from various upgrades to enhance aesthetics and performance such as LED lighting systems ($400–700), colorSculpture™ interior finishes ($4-5 per sq ft) or state-of-the-art automated filtration systems (roughly $1–$2K.)

In addition to these special features and upgrades that can drive up installation costs significantly; there are also intersecting municipal ordinances that might add additional costs which should be taken into account before making any decisions.

Ultimately though when investing in an inground fiberglass swimming pool; it is best to work carefully with your builder on pricing out different options so you find one that fits within budget without sacrificing quality.

* Based on typical installations with no major excavation required. Prices may vary according to regional differences in labour rates & material costs

Pool Size

One of the main factors that can impact the price of a fiberglass pool is its size. The larger the pool, the higher cost will be associated with it. This is largely due to increased material costs and labor for installation. Additionally, materials such as reinforcements may need to be brought in to ensure the structural integrity of a larger fibreglass pool shell.

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The shape of your pool can also affect its price tag. While many standard designs are readily available for purchase, more complex shapes—such as options with curves or custom angles—often require extra work from installers and come at an added cost depending on their complexity.


From features like built-in lighting systems, spa jets and waterfalls, each add-on option adds further value and potentially raises the total cost of a fiberglass pool. Furthermore, some extras will necessitate additional labour on top of already existing installation fees depending on their scope or complexity when applied to your overall design plan.

Other factors impacting pricing include labour & installation costs; location; decking & patio necessities; landscaping around the perimeter; soil composition; permitting fees set by your municipality; pools edging details (if applicable); warranties included within packages plus any other associated upgrades you choose to integrate during construction..

Types of Fiberglass Pools and Their Prices

Fiberglass pools are one of the most popular and sought-after pool options for homeowners. They are resilient, durable, energy-efficient, and surprisingly affordable. Whether you’re looking for a larger inground pool or a small plunge pool to fit in your backyard, there is likely a fiberglass option that will suit your needs. There are several types of fiberglass pools on the market today to choose from based on size, shape, and design. Here is an overview of some of the more popular kinds with their prices.

Vinyl Liner Pool

The vinyl liner pool is one of the lowest cost options when it comes to fiberglass installation costs since these do not require any tiling or plastering. Vinyl liner pools typically range from $20K-$30K for installation depending on size.

Freeform Shaped Pool

Freeform shaped pools are becoming increasingly more popular due to their aesthetic appeal and versatility in adapting into any backyard landscape. These types of ingrounds usually come preformed in sections which connect through underground plumbing lines making installations quick and easy than traditional construction methods. Prices vary widely depending on materials used but typically start around $25K-$35K before additional features like tiling or heaters.

Infinity Edge Pools

Infinity edge pools have become extremely popular due to their unique look that creates a striking visual effect as water flows off one side into another connected body – such as a lake or ocean – creating a seemingly ‘infinite’ horizon line without interruption between it and other bodies water source it

The Pros of Having a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools offer many advantages to homeowners over more traditional pool materials. One of the biggest benefits is that they are extremely low maintenance—no acid washing, no re-plastering, and a lot less time spent cleaning than with other types of pools. Additionally, they are incredibly durable and often come with an extended warranty. The smooth surface means there’s no need for rough patches, which reduces the chance for people to slip or trip on it while swimming. Plus, unlike concrete or vinyl liner pools, fiberglass can last up to 25 years without any major maintenance.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into your pool water from the material as you would with concrete or vinyl liner pools. Moreover, because of its design and construction process, fiberglass keeps heat for much longer compared to concrete or aboveground vinyl liners; this leads to lowered energy costs when heating a fiberglass pool during those colder months.

Lastly, installing them in your backyard does not require large dig depths like a gunite/concrete swimming pool does; thus reducing excavation and labor costs significantly (especially if the area needs engineering before building). In many cases what will take weeks for other types of pools can be done within days with very little disruption in some cases. Many times deliveries come ready built so installers just place it in the prepped hole only saving even more time on installation which could result in additional cost savings as well.

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The Cons of Having a Fiberglass Pool

While fiberglass has plenty of advantages over other recreational swimming assemblies there also come some drawbacks too regardless how small they may be seen still must take note when thinking about replacing current builds or planning new projects: One such possible disadvantage comes from extra time needed

Cost to Own a Fiberglass Pool

As with any swimming pool, the cost of a fiberglass pool waves over time. While fiberglass pools typically cost more up front than other materials like concrete, they require fewer maintenance costs and repairs over their lifespan. This makes them an economical choice in the long run for those looking to invest in a good-quality backyard oasis. The initial purchase of your fiberglass pool is only part of the overall expense associated with owning one – regular maintenance costs are also important to consider.

Fiberglass pools generally don’t need as much care as other types of pools. Most manufacturers recommend simply brushing them each week and adding biocide or algaecide weekly during peak swimming season periods (May through September). For years 8–10+, depending on climate and water chemistry, additional steps may be necessary like removing scale from tile lines or scuppers, replacing gaskets for diving boards/pool ladders/safety covers, adjusting filter settings due to fouling media or high volume debris loads, applying liquid sealants every three to five years etc.

Aside from cleaning/sanitizing your pool regularly and performing minor cosmetic repairs over time if needed, there are some major annual maintenance tasks that should be performed for optimal health and safety documentation compliance for insurance policy renewals: Inspecting plumbing valves and drain plug components; Pressure testing main drains; Cleaning out skimmer baskets; Using filter specific backwash instructions; Cleaning the pump strainer basket by hand at least once per season; Checking salt cell operation outputs annually; Running salt systems 24 hours per day during peak use period.

Overall, maintaining a fiberglass pool requires substantially less effort than its competitors including concrete pools needing acid washing and plaster re-surfacing every 5–7+ years costing upwards $2K–$5K+ with various sand changes needed often four times

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Fiberglass Pools as an Option

When deciding what type of swimming pool best suits your needs, a fiberglass pool is one great option. While there are many pros and cons to all types of pools, understanding the key points about each type will help make choosing easier. Fiberglass pools offer several advantages over other types of in-ground pools. They’re typically more durable than concrete or vinyl liner pools with fewer maintenance requirements over the long run.

Cost Considerations for Fiberglass Pools

Generally speaking, fiberglass pools cost less to install compared to concrete or vinyl liner styles. The initial installation costs may be higher when compared to stamped concrete but can range anywhere from $25,000 – $100,000 depending on size and options including; water features built into the pool itself such as bubblers fountains or waterfalls added at time of installation versus later which always adds more money during renovation.

Installation Timeframe & Accessibility

Fiberglass is a preform molded shape so it can usually be installed in just 2-4 days if there are no issues draining away any surface rainwater that might collect after construction begins. Traditional style installations require up to 6 weeks due mostly since large amounts of dirt need excavated for these types and then replaced at a slow rate as crew build walls and walkways around the perimeter before filling with thousands gallons capacity.

Potential Special Considerations Before Buying a Pool

Before buying any kind of outdoor pool however it’s necessary consider potential factors impacts its design like whether there’s enough land space required accommodate not just the physical body could also disperse outwards add things amenities such showerhouse beach volleyball etc being conscious sun angle wind direction slope grade normal weather activity throughout course

Cost of Installing a Fiberglass Pool

The initial cost of installing a fiberglass pool can vary greatly depending on the size, shape, type of extras included and the region you live. The base cost for an average sized 16×32-foot rectangular fiberglass pool with minimal finishings can typically range between $20,000-$60,000.This cost does not include other items such as extra features, fencing, landscaping and labor costs.

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In addition to the purchase price of the pool itself, there are other installation charges associated with new construction that may be necessary for your area. For example; permits obtained from local municipalities prior to digging out or pouring concrete decks around your pool may add another $1,000-$3,000 onto your inital installation costs.

And while fiberglass usually requires less maintenance than more traditional materials like vinyl or concrete in some areas it may require additional treatment such spike aeration systems which could increase up front costs but potentially result in fewer long term maintenance efforts if able to reduce algae blooms.

Ultimately due to numerous fluctuating factors it is difficult to give an exact estimate for how much a fiberglass pool will cost since many exclusive details must first be established before providing prospective buyers a sense of budget estimates though by using our expert knowledge we can provide you with quick ballpark pricing ranges that won’t let you fall into any surprises post-purchase!

Making the Pool Area Look Great

Enhancing the look and feel of your pool area can make it even more enjoyable for you and your family. You can easily upgrade the aesthetics with fiberglass pools by adding stylish features like tiles, rock steps, fountains, custom designed rock slides, granite decking or a diving board.

Tiles are one of the most popular features used to upgrade a pool because they come in various designs, colors and shapes. They add character to any swimming pool while providing different textures that attract people’s attention. Custom-made tiles also match any landscape design perfectly due to their flexible shape selection. From glass borders for an extra sparkle to ceramic mosaics for vibrant colors – there is no limit when it comes to designing your outdoor oasis with tile!

Rock steps have always been a classic addition as they come in natural stone varieties such as quartzite or sandstone which can give your backyard space a rustic flair. Diving boards are also great fun additions that will enhance both looks and functionality of your swimming pool; allowing everybody who’s up for some adventure jump into waters of joy from heights that vary between 8-10ft!

Adding Safety Features

Installing safety devices should be at top priority when upgrading supplies around your fiberglass pools especially if you have children living around or about on a regular basis. One way is by investing in fencing systems – Adding fences around your pool adds privacy and security but also protects small children from accidentally falling into it without proper supervision from parents or guardians nearby.

Another great device would be anti-entrapment main drains covers as well as skimmer filters so debris do not get downstream and clog up water flow systems causing safety issues – thereby saving time and money done down for preventative maintenance regularly done throughout the

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Fiberglass pools can be a great option when it comes to your swimming pool needs. They’re easy to install, low maintenance, and cost-efficient. The cost varies greatly depending on the size of the pool and other features you decide to add. Generally speaking, expect to pay in the range from $15k to $60K for an inground fiberglass swimming pool installation.

Adding extra options like decking or a hot tub may bring up that price point even further. However, financing is available for most manufacturers so you should be able to get started with any budget you have in mind.

Remembering that having a more detailed estimate from reputable contractors will give you a better idea of how much your new fiberglass pool might cost before making any commitments.


Q – How much does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?
A – Price ranges between $15k and $60K depending on pool size and additional features added.

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